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Paperback 10 Minute Back Pain Cure SOLD OUT!

This is annoying! When I first spoke to my agent about my new 10 Minute Back pain Cure Book, he said it sounds too good to be true and unbelievable. He said people will either go crazy for it or no one would buy it.

I know the results I have been getting and I know my reputation so my view was that people would go crazy for it (of course it was!). Anyway, as cautious as agents and publishers are, they didn't print as many as I wanted.... and so what happened? It has sold out before it even got a chance to be out there.

I am not happy! I believe more copies will be available on Amazon by next week. In the meantime you can get your hands on the Kindle version. Sorry about this but I don't control everyone (unfortunately!!!!).

Already a hard to find book!

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