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What are you prepared to pay for better health?

Do you know what is the most surprising thing I come across when I work on people to cure their back pain?

You would think it would be the fact that their long term back problem disappears that would be of surprise to me or them, right?

Actually the most surprising thing (it never fails!) is what they are NOT willing to give up for perfect health! Of course some of this comes from their lack of belief that their back pain really will go away with my methods. However even after 1-2 sessions when their back pain is substantially reduced, they are still hesitant to give up certain other things, even if for a short while. Whether it is the gym, or yoga or running.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking people to give up exercising. All I am suggesting is that if I can show you that in a matter of a couple of weeks your back pain will go and you will have perfect health as far as that area is concerned, then you need to get your head round the fact that you may well need to give up activities that further contract your back or cause spasms in your muscles - just for a few short weeks!!

Are you willing to sacrifice small little things just for a few weeks for perfect back health? If you are, then my back pain book is for you and I promise you that you will be rid of pain.

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