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The most incredible 7 days! Here's an update since the initial release of my latest book

So…. it’s been a week since the launch of The 10 Minute Back Pain Cure and what a week it has been. Thousands of people have purchased the book and it is already in the top 3 of several health & fitness categories, having even been at the no.1 spot already. THANK YOU!

Top Back Pain Self Help Book

Two other things have happened. Both unexpected but I guess if I was to think about it, I should have expected them!

First thing is that I am getting a large volume of emails from people from all over the world asking me questions and needing help! I guess I should have expected that, especially as I was confident the book will be popular.

The second thing is just how surprised people are at the fact that the method works and works so fast. I even have people insisting on reaching my offices and wanting to speak to me personally to tell me the method has worked wonders for them - some in less than 10 minutes.

Well, what can I say? I know! You don’t need to tell me personally!!! Of course I am always very happy to hear from anyone that has achieved success from my method and am humbled and feel good that I have helped them beat back pain or ease it.

This month, I am inviting a few people with some of the worst cases of back pain, no matter what the cause, to come and I will work on them for free. People are surprised and want to know what the catch is especially as I am not charging them. There is no catch. People are trusting me and my method and I think it is only fair to show them exactly how to use the method. If you have read the book you will know that I didn’t write it for money.

If you have a back condition that is really bad and no one else has been able to cure it (I sound like the A-Team!!!), drop me an email through this site. Depending on where I am in the world, I will endeavour to help you. But obviously the numbers are piling up so I cannot help everyone but will try. Obviously the idea behind the book was so you can do it at home!

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