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The magic of Zone Therapy

I was getting a coffee this morning and as I was leaving, outside I noticed a man all crouched and holding his head with his mobile on the floor. I don't usually interfer with people's business as a) they may be psychos :) or b) if they are Londonders, they want to be left alone and c) I am busy and usually in a hurry!

However on this ocassion I asked him if he is OK and he said he can't see properly as he has a migraine coming. I asked him if he will let me have a go on his hands for a few minutes and he seemed OK with it. (Maybe he had other intentions lol).

I immediately knew it was on his left side and I worked on his relevant zones. Migraines are relatively easy to relieve (not necessarily cure) if the client allows a bit of pressure on the points. What was the result you are eager to find out? Here are the results:

a) he could see again and the light was not bothering him any more, so he decided to go to work

b) the headache was still there but a lot milder - he couldn't believe it

c) my coffee was cold by the end of the 5 minutes :(

It set a good mood for the day for me and probably for him. The point here is that you should try and help people if you can and also that Zone Therapy is not just for back-ache. It can treat a whole array of conditions even from the hand zones.

Here are the general hand Reflex Zones for a migraine that you can work on:

Migraine Healing Points

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