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How to curb your aggression!

I have worked on and observed many people over the years and can tell you that there is definitely a connection between certain factors and levels of aggression in people. Certain things most definitely contribute to an aggressive persona. Many people can be helped if they just tweaked certain things in their life. Here is a list:

* Reduce or cut out red meat and ideally other meats - You are basically eating the animal’s stress and aggression

* Don’t leave it too late to eat - Always eat before you get hungry

* Get enough sleep - That movie or computer game are not more important that having ample rest and sleep

* Learn to meditate and relax - Take 20 minutes every day, go somewhere quiet and just switch off (and switch your phone off!)

* Drink calming teas such as Chamomile

* Definitely cut out or reduce caffeine - this is a big contributor to anxiety and aggression

* Milk can contribute to aggression so if you don’t need it, cut it down

Then of course there is the general lifestyle you lead that can contribute to aggression. Anger, brings more anger. Stress, brings more stress and so on. Make wise choices. If you really cannot control yourself, try Rescue Remedy from your local health store.

You can also work on your Solar Plexus Reflex Points and Adrenal points to reduce anxiety and stress as below:

Curb your aggression

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