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Ear-ache caused by chronic sinusitis, caused by... MILK!

The thing about Gibraltar is that it is pretty small and everyone knows everyone. A few months ago I was in the supermarket (my least favourite place but anyway) and this lady approached me, having recognised me from god knows where. Anyway, she had a long term ear problem and begged me to see if I can help her.

I saw her in my Gibraltar offices a few days later as she was desperate and seemed to think I was the only one who could help her! Unlike doctors, I like to ask a LOT of questions. When did the problem start? what makes it better, worse, when is it better, when is it worse, what has been done about it and so on.

As it turned out, she didn’t have an ear problem as such. She had a sinus problem which was severely exasperated by her addiction to milk. What she really had was a long term chronic “mucus” problem which had resulted in constantly blocked sinuses. These blocked sinuses were not really felt by her apart from when she got weak or pre-menstruation when she felt it as a horrific ear-ache which would often morph into a 3 day migraine, causing her to be totally bed-bound.

On my advice, she went on a dairy-free diet and totally eradicated milk from her diet. I worked on her sinuses for one session and did as much as I could. She had very low pain threshold so I couldn’t really get into the sinus reflex zones as much as I wanted and at that time, didn’t have time to work on her again.

To cut a long story short, she tells me that she has not had ear pain, sinus problems or migraines for almost 5 months now. I am happy for her. Just goes to prove that most of our problems really do stem from food first and foremost… even if they do manifest themselves as an ear-ache!

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