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What is the true cause of Multiple Sclerosis and a possible cure...

I was in Portugal recently and was asked to see a woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Now, I want to make it clear that I am no MS expert but people do ask me to try and cure all sorts of diseases and I am happy to help where I can.

So I visited this lady who is relatively advanced in her MS and now has double vision and sleeps for most of the day. From what I could see, her MS is bad and getting worse.

I couldn't hep but to notice the mother of all electricity pylons right outside her house - literally outside her window, making a huge buzzing sound. There really wasn’t much of an explanation for why she has MS. I left her house and told her I will get back to her as I felt I could help her but not through Zone Therapy.

That night something suddenly occurred to me in the middle of my sleep so I started doing some research on the Internet and spoke to some of my colleagues the next day. Do you know what I found out?

Many people cannot handle electricity and all this new-age electrical signals. What I found out was very interesting especially as there is quite a lot of scientific evidence backing it up:

  1. Electricity pylons and an excess of electricity can indeed bring about MS

  2. Electricity workers have a higher ratio of MS than normal people

  3. People who live on a hill or elevated areas have a higher incidence of MS

By this time I was very interested to see when this woman’s MS began and when she moved into this flat. Well, you can guess the rest! Her MS began around the same time she moved into her flat with the massive electricity pylon outside and this flat is quite high up in a hilly area.

She has pretty much lived there all the time apart from a 2 week trip to Mexico and do you know what? Her MS was dramatically reduced during this trip. They had put it down to her being less stressed but I put it down to her being away from the extreme electricity generated right next to her window back at home.

Does this story have a good ending? I don’t know! I have told her what I think and I am very certain I am right but people don’t believe in anything unless it comes from their doctor. She certainly doesn't have the money to move houses and I have found certain cultures to be less welcoming of alternative therapies or alternative explanation for diseases than others.

If you or a loved one have Multiple Sclerosis, I would STRONGLY urge you to review all the electrical stimulus around your house and around your area. It could well have something to do with your MS. There is “scientific data” on the link between electricity and the onset and development of Multiple Sclerosis. There is also data suggesting "where" you live can have an effect on MS.


The environmental theory: The environmental theory proposes that an environmental factor triggers the symptoms of MS. Support for this theory includes the observation that multiple sclerosis is diagnosed more frequently in temperate than tropical or subtropical climates. A map of the United States shows that the prevalence of MS increases with northern latitude. For example, the prevalence of MS in North Dakota is approximately twice that observed in Florida. The prevalence of MS in northern California is 150 cases per 100,000 individuals. The relationship between latitude and prevalence of MS is also evident in other countries throughout Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Investigators have explored the possibility that exposure to viral or bacterial infections, environmental toxins, duration of sunlight, changes in temperature and humidity, or diet might in some way produce or aggrivate MS. To date, no specific environmental factor has been proven to cause MS. Studies of population migration support the notion that an environmental factor may contribute to the risk to develop MS. Specifically, susceptibility to develop MS appears to be influenced by age of residence within certain geographical areas. Individuals who are born in high-risk areas appear to acquire a lower risk if they relocate and establish residence in low-risk areas before age 15 years. In contrast, individuals born in low-risk areas may acquire a higher risk if they move and establish residence in a high-risk area before age 15 years.


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