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Online Health Consultations available now for a limited time

My arm has been twisted!!! As you know, I do not normally practice on many people due to my work and other projects and when I do, I have very limited time. Current appointments are being made for between 8-9 months in advance with my PA.

I have however set up an easy and fast online consultation area. This is your easiest route to reach me and see if I can help your specific health problem. For a very small fee (1/10 of my normal fee) you can tell me all about your problem and I will give you a full treatment suggestion plan.

If I feel I cannot help you, I will not charge you. If you feel I haven't helped you afterwards, I will not charge you. No one is here to rip you off or take your money because you are unwell. I am here to help you and will endeavour to do my best with my vast knowledge and experience to get you well where others have failed.

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