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Coronavirus natural treatment

You must take Coronavirus COVID-19 very seriously as it is taking away many lives and we don't yet know enough about it. Around 80% of coronavirus cases are mild. Doctors say coronavirus for most people is much like a common cold or flu or maybe a sore throat. As such, maybe we should be looking at natural treatments for coronavirus and natural remedies that may help treat coronavirus much like those which help fight any other virus.

With most viruses, you need to power-up your own body so IT can fight the virus by itself and in time, overcome it. Your body has the most incredible natural pharmacy inside it and it can manufacture any drug, if the right conditions are present.

What are the natural remedies that may help treat coronavirus?

For starters, avoidance is probably the best method. In other words, avoiding crowded places and staying away from people who seem to be ill with a cold.

Second, washing your hands is probably a very good idea after having been out. A good anti-bacterial gel is useful, though I notice people are panic-buying them. Wash your hands with as warm a water as you can take with a strong anti-bacterial soap for around 20-30 seconds.

Keeping your immune system strong is something you should pay attention to. The following will keep your immune system strong so you can help avoid catching Coronavirus even if you are near someone with it:

  • Eat well, don’t get your body weak.

  • Sleep well, so you are not tired. At least 8 hours a night.

  • Don’t go out with minimal clothes. Keep warm. This is one of the biggest reasons why people’s immune systems go down, especially when they “shiver”.

  • Drink plenty of water. An abundance of water means your lymph flows well and your body is able to get rid of excess waste.

Supplements that can help fight coronavirus and treat coronavirus

  • Echinacea would be top of my list for an all-round anti-viral, anti-bacterial herb. Echinacea, especially at the beginning of an infection or viral issue, such as coronavirus may well supercharge you to fight it. You can take Echinacea in drop or tablet form but make sure you get a strong one from a reputable brand.

  • An excess of vitamin C is very good for fighting viruses and infections. Anything from 2-5g a day. Yes grams and not milli-grams.

  • Zinc is very good for fighting infectious or viral problems in your body and I guess coronavirus falls within that category. Try anything over 20mgs a day and up to 50mgs.

  • Garlic capsules can help fight infections as a result of coronavirus. Generally, garlic and onion are good foods to include in your diet.

  • Tea-tree oil is good as an anti-viral. You can include it in your life, such as in your bath, or brush your teeth with it.

  • Herbs such as Turmeric/ Curcumin are good anti-inflammatories for when you may get an inflammation in your body. Dosages need to be high such as 1-2 spoonfuls a day (in a shake for example).

  • Keeping your body alkaline is a good way of fighting viruses. Bicarbonate of soda, lemon water, vinegar water are all good for this.

Complimentary remedies to help treat coronavirus and fight coronavirus naturally

  • Acupuncture and reflexology with no doubt boost your body’s own immune system to help it fight coronavirus. A good acupuncturist or reflexologist will immediately find the problematic pressure points and can work on them. Generally the kidneys are a weak spot when it comes to the common cold or flu so one would expect them to be affected in the case of coronavirus. The liver, spleen and respiratory organs will need to also be worked on.

  • Homeopathy may also be useful in boosting your body’s own defences to fight viruses such as coronavirus.

In conclusion, the stronger your immune system is and the healthier you are, the more chances of you avoiding or fighting coronavirus and treating coronavirus. Make sure you follow the above to keep your body strong.

The advice in the above article is NOT a substitute for sound medical advice. If you suspect you have COVID-19 please contact the emergency number relevant in your country.

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