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Could stimulants be ruining your health, sleep and sex life?

Did you notice how artificial ingredients crept into our lives? They are part of many foods now from drinks, yoghurts, gums, sugar-free foods to main foods that need to be sweetened. The same revolution is happening with regards to stimulants such as caffeine. Suddenly there are coffee shops everywhere and every energy drink, fat loss formula, protein powder or even normal beverage contains some form of stimulant from ginseng to caffeine. Your body is not supposed to be stimulated like this constantly. Taking in stimulants means your body goes on a roller-coaster of a ride during the day. Your body can become addicted to stimulants and your health can get affected. Most stimulants give your body a rush and in many ways take it into the “flight or freight mode”, stressing your adrenals and signalling your body to shut down major functions. Your body is meant to operate by taking in good quality food on a regular basis. It was never designed for quick sugar or caffeine rushes.

Some of the symptoms of stimulant-addiction:

  • Anxiety - Constant stimulation with caffeine or other stimulants can get your heart rate up and affect your breathing, making you feel anxious all the time.

  • Insomnia - Do not under-estimate the hugely detrimental affect stimulants such as caffeine can have on your sleep - even if taken early in the day. If you are finding that you sleep later and later, have bad quality sleep or wake up earlier, it may well be due to consuming too many stimulants during the day.

  • Aggression - You can get more aggressive as you take in more stimulants. At the very least you will have more nervous energy which is not necessarily good energy.

  • Lethargy - Taking in “energy shots” or excess stimulants can in the long run make you more tired! The constant strain and drain on your adrenals and possibly the lack of real food intake (due to not being hungry) can all take a toll on your “real” energy levels which can only be replenished with proper food.

  • Muscle loss - Excess adrenal exhaustion can most certainly contribute to the breakdown of muscle tissue which ends up being used for fuel.

  • Gaining fat - The production of cortisol brought about by excess consumption of stimulants can trigger the body to store more fat.

  • Mental restlessness - Taking in too many stimulants can get your mind working over-time constantly. This is not a happy or healthy state to be in. Everyone needs a rest.

  • Sex drive - Over stimulation of the hormonal system can put you in to the flight or freight mode and in that mode the last thing the body wants is sex!

Take a good look at your fridge or the things you buy

Stimulants can be present in many foods and drinks. Try and avoid them as much as you can to go back to a normal routine and get your body functioning the way it is supposed to. Some common stimulants are:

  • Coffee

  • Guarana

  • Tea

  • Ginseng

  • Nicotine

  • Drugs

  • Gingko

  • White sugar

  • Spices

  • Red Meat (can be a stimulant if you consume too much)

Check the labels on your supplements

One of LA Muscle’s founding principles has been not to put unnecessary stimulants in its formulas. This is why you don’t routinely find caffeine and other stimulants in LA Muscle’s fat burners, proteins or energy products. LA Muscle is very careful to ensure its premium formulas are not adding to your daily pool of stimulants. This may not be the case with other supplements. If you do find that you are over-stimulated and you just cannot slow down, take A.M. De-Stress. 1-2 tablets before sleep can be very helpful in slowing you down and giving you a good night’s sleep with no come downs in the morning. As a general rule, you should consume minimum stimulants in your day and rely more on carbohydrate-rich foods for energy.

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