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How to beat the common cold

In 1992, while I was at university I was asked to write an article on the human body and how it can defeat a cold. I wasn't some expert but used to talk a hell of a lot about the subject and I guess someone must have thought I was on to something!

The article came out in the Students Union's magazine. I first realised that it must have been interesting for people to read as it was for me to write, when I started coming across students discussing it.

Colds and fluThere was nothing out of the ordinary in the article, not to me anyway. I had merely put down the results of a few years' observation. It wasn't some "scientific" breakthrough, just common sense.

Since 1992, I have become more and more interested in the common cold, the flu and the way our body deals with it. What is a cold, where does it come from, how is it that some people catch it all the time and others are well and cold-free for years?

Today in the news I heard that scientists have made a "breakthrough" in discovering that a chill can increase your chances of catching a cold by as much as 20-30%. Really? Umm, didn't we know this already? Well evidently not. This is the amazing thing though. How is it that we (you, us, them) didn't know this? This is such common sense that I can't believe we need scientists to prove it.

As it was said in the news, "our mothers were right". Well of course they were right. They were right because they were passing on the "experiences" of our elders and those before them. Views which were no doubt derived from observations. I am not sure if you think like me, but to me at least it is glaringly obvious that if you "shiver" or catch a chill for any reason, your chances of going down with a cold are GREATLY increased. I would go as far as to say that if you shiver and you don't counter-act it by immediately warming the hell out of yourself, you are almost guaranteed a cold.

I have been giving out my opinions on colds ever since the article in 1992. I have written many articles and made speeches at various events. Eventually I got tired of talking about the same thing over and over again so I decided to put it down in a book. The book is called Cold Beater and you can get it from various bookshops or from Amazon.

My point is this: the answer to most of our questions on our health are right there in front of our eyes but we fail to see them time and time again because we think that a simple answer without spending millions on medicinal or scientific breakthroughs cannot be the right answer. Very often it is, but of course the pharmaceutical giants will never have you believing this and will spend billions in re-directing your mind away from the simple answers.

colds and fluToday also in the news we hear about the first man who seems to have beaten the HIV+ virus naturally. So scientists are going round trying to find out what happened to his DNA and how it could have been changed back to normal. Well, sorry for being "simple", but how about asking him what he ate, drank and thought of during the past year? I am not saying that this is the answer but it is surely more logical to start at a basic level.

How many times have you been to your doctor with a problem? Have they EVER asked you anything about "you"? Have they ever asked you what you do for a living, how stressed are you, what do you eat, drink, what's your sleep like, what state is your mind in? Almost 90% of the times, THESE are the things that are the causes of illness.

Coming back to colds, I personally believe Cold Beater is the most effective cold remedy/prevention you will ever come across. Of course I would because I wrote it, you say. Yes and because in almost 14 years I have not known its methods to fail.

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