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How to solve your own health problems!

This article will give you some simple, clear examples that will switch on your own auto-monitoring system, paving the way to better health. Who is the best person to fix your niggling health problems? Your doctor? Your chiropractor? Herbalist? Grandma’? It may come as a shock to you but the best person to solve your health problems, more often than not, is you! After all, the person that is with you 24/7 is you and you are the one who is aware of 100% of things that happen to you, around you and inside you - though you may not consciously pay attention at all times. The hard fact is that most of us don’t pay attention to the very things that can solve many of our short to medium term health issues. You may eat and sneeze or eat and get a blocked nose and never (in your ENTIRE LIFE) connect the fact that what you ate may have not agreed with your body and hence the sneezing or blocked nose.

General rule of snacking and avoiding

The following is a generalization but an accurate one nonetheless. The great majority of our short to medium term health problems are caused by what we snack on and what we consciously don’t eat. For example, people with Eczema may snack on tomatoes or chocolate. Those with migraines may snack on cheese, chocolate or drink alcohol. Others with Irritable Bowel Syndrome snack on white carb foods or don’t “consciously” eat certain foods such as fibre. People with skin problems often don’t take in enough water and/or Omega Fatty Acids. Start making a daily, even hourly diary. Break down everything you eat and drink. See what reactions you get and even what reactions you don’t get i.e. not going to the toilet = lack of fibre and water (and movement). After a while, you will find that there is a correlation to everything. You have to do this for a number of months (or years) to get really experienced but when you get there, it is like your eyes have been opened up to a new world. The above concept doesn’t just apply to foods by the way. It applies to everything. For example, allergies can be caused by contact with the simplest things that you would never think you are allergic to. Plastic bags are a bit trigger of hives/urticaria. Did you know that? As is caffeine. So you may go shopping at your supermarket, come home and be all itchy and blotchy and never think why. But if you “were” to write EVERYTHING down, then you would see that the itchiness and blotchiness seems to have come on more when you go shopping - touch/carry plastic bags. Solution: take your own cotton bags - or get a butler!

Some examples to get you looking in the right places

The above is probably easier said than done. Below are some examples of the sort of things that can be causing ailments, to give you an idea of what to look for. Excess red meat consumption = Aggressiveness So let’s work back. You may be getting more aggressive, intolerant and “not yourself” during certain periods. If you were to write everything down and look back, you would probably spot that you were consuming more red meat during that time. This is “one” explanation. Below are more examples and what they can cause in your body. A simple diary and five minutes thinking would connect one with the other and save you so much misery and so many visits to the doctor! Symptoms Possible causes Painful joints = Fizzy drinks, too much red meat, too much dairy, too much citrus foods Diarrhea = Lack of hygiene Runny nose = Allergy to what you just ate or “something” e.g. honey (good for some, bad for others) Dandruff - Wheat! Simple thing but as much as 80% of dandruff is caused by wheat. Avoid ANY wheat (bread, pasta) and watch your dandruff disappear. Replace with wheat-free/gluten-free alternatives. Backache = Apart from the obvious posture, long term weakness and big belly being causes, stress and responsibility are major causes of backache. If you were to write a diary, you may see that you get a backache whenever too much is expected of you and you feel over burdened i.e. painful load (psychologically) on your back. Body odour, bad breath = Very often this is to do with what you eat. Certain herbs, spices and condiments quite literally STINK and make you stink!

Some more abstract and seemingly unrelated examples

Neurological disorders = Keep a diary. Can be anything from being near mains power to something you eat. For example. not eating fibre can cause constipation and this “can” cause nerve problems. Yes this sounds totally unorthodox and unrelate but you would be surprised! Ringing in your ear = Injuring your little toe! This sounds crazy but in complementary medicine your smaller toes are the pathways to your ear/eye areas. If you were keeping a diary or you went back, you may see that the ringing in your ear started when you hit your toe on the door! Yes it sounds crazy but entirely possible. Keep a diary! Rash on your face or nose = Change of your brand of tissues! Some brands use more bleach. Rash on your body = Washing powder (or washing up liquid even) or fabric conditioner or changing to a different brand. Bad dreams and nightmares = That electric clock next to your bed! As you can see, the list can go on and on. If all the above is too much for you, stick to the following general rule:

  1. DO keep a diary of what you eat and any weird reactions

  2. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Don’t have too much of something and too little of something else.

  3. Drink water every day.

Good luck!


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