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How your skepticism can turn to belief

Skepticism is a funny old thing! You are a skeptic until you see and believe for yourself and interestingly, those who were skeptical at first, turn out to be the biggest promoters in the end!

I was watching a program on Uri Geller and his spoon-bending. Is he for real? Is he a fake? Has he been faking it for decades? Does he have some sort of power? To be honest, I was/am a skeptic and brush his “powers” off as showmanship. The truth is, you and I will never know what he is about. We can take a best guess.

Now take Reflexology. So many people are skeptical of it. I hear it all the time. “If it was so good why don’t doctors recommend it?”. “If it was so good, why doesn’t everyone go to a Reflexologist?”.

All understandable questions and totally valid. The answer of course is a much more complicated one. Obviously, doctors are never going to put themselves out of business by recommending something that bypasses them! Same for what pulls the strings in the end, which is the Pharmaceutical industry. Imagine if you no longer needed all the pain medication and you just worked on your feet to fix your back pain!!!

Coming back to Skepticism, the beauty of Reflexology is that even the most die-hard skeptic can be “cured” lol! Why? Because they will SEE and FEEL it for THEMSELVES once they start working on their feet! And they can’t be silly enough to doubt their own eye!

You can’t know if spoon-bending is a magic trick or something more. But you can be sure that when your pains start disappearing through Reflexology, that it really and truly works. You will be your own convertor turning you from skeptic to die-hard believer! Trust me, I am not a doctor!


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