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The strangest migraine case!

A mother brought her 14 year old daughter to me. She had been getting migraines for a few years. Really bad migraines! She was very wealthy and had tried everything. Every doctor she could find in her native Switzerland and pretty much every alternative method she could find.

At first I was slightly side-tracked by a major event in her life, which was the divorce of her parents. I really thought that was possibly the cause but in a way, it didn't all add up.

I ask a lot of questions. I am very inquisitive. I told the mum that I had to think about it. I had asked them about snacks, habits etc and nothing was really standing out.

2 a.m. the next day, it hit me! I knew what it was!

The mum had mentioned that her daughter chews ice! I couldn't call her at 2 a.m. so I waited until the next day.

The most important question I needed the answer to was WHEN did she start chewing ice?

Surprise surprise, it was a few weeks before her migraines started.

She stopped chewing ice, her migraines went! Ice was causing some sort of mini brain-freeze if you will, contracting the arteries and somehow causing the migraines.

Isn't it amazing? All the doctors, all the specialists, all the alternative medicine people and no one looked at something which in hindsight was so obvious!

Another success! People say I am expensive. Really? She had spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to cure her daughter's migraines. She only saw me once followed by 1 phone call which I made to her!

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