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Those around you can be the cause of your issues or why you can’t get cured

Boy oh boy! Have I come across some strange cases of why people get ill and why they don’t get well. MANY MANY times, it is because of the people around them.

I will tell you about a very strange case I was asked to deal with almost 30 years ago!

I was working in the perfumery department of Selfridges in London. I was studying Law and working part time as a Reflexologist and also at Selfridges. It had been a few years since I got into Reflexology and people used to love my party tricks, such as telling them what’s wrong with them from touching their hands!

An Iranian woman had heard about my exploits and results with people and asked me if I could see the daughter of a friend of hers. This was a very tragic case. She was a beautiful young lady that had been hit by a car and was now bed bound in a persistent vegetative state.

I went to visit her. Such a beautiful woman, with photos of how she was before the accident all around the house.

She was basically in bed 24/7. Couldn’t move anything. The mum said that she does not respond to anything. I worked on her feet for a while. Surprisingly, her feet didn’t tell me all that much apart from the brain area. I felt she “could” hear me. I told her I will be back to work on her again. I asked her if she would like that. You would never believe this and to be honest, neither did the mum but she smiled.

I went back another time and really felt like she was responding. It was all very minute things but you know when you get a feeling?

There was to be no third time. Apparently the mum didn’t want me to work on her again. She believed her daughter would never get well and it was the will of god!

I still think about her and wonder what happened to her. What a wasted life. I am not saying that I would have cured her. Who knows. All I can say is that I had a strong feeling about her and I could see that she was aware of things. At the time I couldn’t understand why the mum would not give a chance to something that may work. I even offered to do it free.

Since then, I have come across this sort of case many times. Not as extreme as this one, but in relationships between people, be it mother/daughter, husband/wife etc, there exists many dynamics and sometimes the other party prefers the status quo. Sad but true. If you are not well, I hope to god you don’t have someone like this holding you back.

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