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Why old people travel with their own pillows! And you could be doing that too very soon!

Have you ever walked into the pillow section of IKEA? OMG they have so many! Makes you wonder who would buy so many different variations of pillows. Surely a pillow is a pillow?

Just like mattresses, pillows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Feather, light, firm, synthetic, tempur, hard, big, small, low, high. How to choose?

As you grow older, finding the right pillow becomes a problem. The bad news is that as we stay on gadgets more and more, finding a pillow is a problem now even for many of the young.

You see, the problem is not the pillow. Any pillow will do. The problem is YOUR NECK. As you grow older, you get more neck problems. Tension, cracks, wear, tear etc

As you stay on gadgets more, you also start getting more neck problems. Tension, stiffness and so on.

How can you prove this to yourself? Easy. Work on your neck and you will see that you can sleep on ANY pillow! Sure, some will be more comfortable than others but you won’t have this need to sleep on a particular pillow.

The only way to ease the pain of finding the right pillow and the pain in the neck (actual neck) is to fix it!

Less time on gadgets, better posture, stretching, physiotherapy, massage and of course Reflexology will all help.

You can start by pulling each finger and each toe slowly and rotating them as you pull one by one. Go one by one and then back again 2-3 times. This will release your neck muscles and relieve the tension.

More on this subject very soon as there is a lot to cover.


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