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Reflexology Back Pain Treatment

Congratulations! If you have been searching for “the” natural alternative treatment that actually works for alleviating 99% of back pain, you have found it. In the 10 Minute Back Pain Cure, you learn the unique new technique of Zonal Probing, which is derived from an enhanced method of the ancient practice of Zone Therapy - the big brother to Reflexology. 

By spending just 10 minutes at home using a probe that can be found in most households, you can be free of back pain - no matter how severe and how “hopeless” your case may be. 

Parham Donyai has been practising Zone Therapy for 30 years and has achieved astonishing results with clients using his Zonal Probing technique. In the 10 Minute Back Pain Cure, he shares his secret method with you for the very first time. Follow this safe and completely free technique at home and see & feel the results in as little as 10 minutes. 

The 10 Minute Back Pain Cure cites scientific references to provide proof for even the most skeptical of readers. You will also learn extra helpers in the form of exercise, diet & nutrition and posture; all of which will ensure your back pain becomes a thing of the past.

You can order The 10 Minute Back Pain Cure here.
Parham is very much aware of the skepticism surrounding the claims of Reflexology and Zone Therapy. Several chapters of the 10 Minute Back Pain cure use extensive scientific references to explain why Zone Therapy really is unique when it comes to eradicating even the most chronic back pains - as long as you follow the full method. 
1. About the author & this book 
2. What is back pain and the scopes of this book 
3. How I was introduced to Zone Therapy 
4. What is Zone Therapy and how does it work? 
5. The unique Zonal Probing Technique and why it works 
6. How to perform the 10 minute Zonal Probing Technique on your feet 
7. Specific exercises to keep your back pain away 
8. Things to do and not to do to keep back pain away 
9. The 1 minute back pain relief 
10. How nutrition can help with back pain 
11. Weight loss for a stronger back 
12. The 10 commandments, a recap 
- Specific problems and their related Rapid Relief Reflex Zones 
- Glossary 
Parham Donyai was introduced to and trained in Zone Therapy by the world’s leading Zone Therapist, the late Joseph Corvo, the therapist to celebrities and royalty such as Britain’s Princess Diana and The Duchess of York. He went on to qualify as a Reflexologist and Reflex Zone Therapist at the Crane School of Reflexology in the early 1990s at a time when mainstream Reflexology was almost unheard of. 
Over the years, Parham has been working to perfect and enhance what he has learnt. Parham’s proprietary “Zonal Probing" Technique produces amazing results far more rapidly than traditional Reflexology or Zone Therapy. In the 10 Minute Back Pain Cure, Parham shares his secret with you and shows you his unique technique using specific “Rapid Relief Zones” on the feet for treating most back problems. Parham uses his extensive exercise, diet and nutrition expertise as additional tools to further alleviate your back pain. 
Zone Therapy and holistic medicine see back pain very differently from traditional medicine. Doctors like to pin-point where back pain comes from and often classify it with phrases such as a “slipped disc”. Zone Therapy sees the back and spinal areas as a whole. If there is a problem with the back, there will be tenderness on the relevant reflex zones of the feet. 
The Zonal Probing Technique applies direct pressure in a unique way to very specific Rapid Relief Reflex Zones of your feet which directly communicate with your problematic back areas. Using Parham’s technique, you can alleviate your back pain in just 10 minutes. This can be a one-off 10 minutes if it is an acute problem or several 10 minute sessions for chronic back pain. 
When the tenderness on the relevant points of the feet are worked out, your back pain miraculously disappears. 
Whether you have had back pain for years, needed surgery, have had surgery and the pain has returned or have just done something to cause back pain, Parham’s Zonal Probing Technique will work for 99% of you. The beauty of this unique Zone Therapy method is that it is very quick-acting, permanent can be performed in the comfort of your home and best of all it is free. This is not something like spoon bending that you can never prove or disprove. When you use Parham's method, you will see and feel your back pain disappearing! There is no better testimonial for your problem than your own testimonial! 
The 10 Minute Back Book Cure is available exclusively from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book. You can order for immediate download below:


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