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Foot Reflexology

Introduction to Reflexology. Does it work?

This is the true story of how I was introduced to Reflexology in the early 1990s. I had never heard of it, did not believe in it and would have been the last person to try out such a weird and non conventional method of treating the body. 

Today, I would say Reflexology is the most conventional and natural way of treating the body. It should be the first point of call for any illness, sticking to the Hippocrates principle of “first, do no harm”. If you are unwell and want to get better, read on. 

How I got back pain in my late teens
In 1989 when I was around 18 years of age, I hurt my back in the gym. It didn’t heal well as I didn’t have great posture, I was working that summer cleaning cars and the final nail in the coffin was when I pushed a car that had broken down. My back was never the same again. 

Back pain became a normal part of my life. I was young, I wanted to do so much and yet I was constantly dealing with back pain. I had pain upon waking up, during the day and in the evenings. I even used to wake up with back pain in the middle of the night.
Traditional back-pain relief did not work

I tried so many things to get better. Physiotherapy, manipulation, lotions and potions, massage, even 1-2 steroid injections into my spine. None of the traditional back pain methods worked. 
Let’s remember also that in 1989, people were really not into alternative medicine as much as they are today. I wasn’t even aware of the many different things that can help people’s health - alternatives to traditional medicine. 

A chance recommendation
One of the women in my law class at university was a doctor called Anna. One day we were talking about my back pain and she said: “Go and see Joe, he will fix your back”.
I didn’t know who Joe was and I had no idea what this one recommendation would mean for my back and for my life! My whole belief system, my knowledge in health & fitness and I would argue, my destiny changed following this conversation.
I didn’t have anything to lose, so I made an appointment to go and see Joe, who was in fact the world renowned Joseph Corvo, Reflexologist and Zone Therapist to the British Royalty, Film stars and Celebrities. 

My introduction to Reflexology
I arrived at Joseph Corvo’s flat near Lancaster Gate. His beautiful wife Victoria opened the door and led me to a room and in her French accent, told me to “Take off your shoes and socks; Joseph will be with you shortly”.
“Shoes and socks?” I thought to myself! I was there for my back, so I left my shoes and socks firmly on!

Joseph used to see several clients back to back every day, so whilst one would be in one room being worked on, the other would be getting ready for him in another room.

The first thing Joseph Corvo asked me when he came in was “why haven’t you taken your shoes and socks off?”
I explained to him that I was there for my back. He explained that he would be fixing my back from my feet!
Seriously, at that time, it was unheard of (to me anyway) that someone would fix your back from your foot! I mean, what the hell?! What’s one got to do with the other? What kind of a quack was he? 

So you see, when you learn about Reflexology and me and you are “skeptical”, then your skepticism is TOTALLY understood, because I too was probably THE most skeptical person prior to being properly introduced to Reflexology and the more powerful Zone Therapy by Joseph Corvo.

Seeing was believing
With great hesitation I took my shoes and socks off and Joe started to put his wooden probe on various areas of my right foot. This probe was a piece of wood, sculpted to fit in his hands with a precise tip. 
He pressed several areas of my foot and after a few minutes pointed out exactly where my pain on my back was. He was spot on. He also told me not to worry and that he will 100% fix my back. 
Some of the spots he was pressing on my foot were very painful and tender - so much so that I was on the verge of screaming. 

He worked on my feet for around 15 minutes and told me to come back the week after. His fee? A mere £7! 
You have to understand that at the time I saw Joe, he was treating Royalty and Celebrities in his flat as if they were regulars. I saw a few on my visits. I couldn’t believe the calibre of people he was helping. And he only charged £7! Now THAT is a sign of a genuine person. 

I went back the week after and my back pain started to get better. He would work on my feet, we would chat and I would scream in pain! 

Joe loved bodybuilding and knew some of the greats of the past and I was heavily into it also, so we would talk a lot about people like Steve Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We became friends and I would look forward to seeing him. He had so much knowledge and charisma and he was so confident. 

My back pain got better and better after 2-3 times. I probably didn’t need to go back to him but I really enjoyed his charisma and our conversations. 

Setting me up for a life of Zone Therapy
I sculpted a probe of my own from the end of a broomstick and Joe helped me perfect it for it to be as effective as his. Joe started to teach me more detailed things about Zone Therapy and I was an eager learner. He would explain why it works, how it works and most importantly what areas to work on for what ailments. 

Even though he had been a coal miner and an opera singer, Reflexology and Zone Therapy were clearly his forte and his calling. By the way, to be clear, he did not consider himself to be a Reflexologist. He was much more than that and what he taught me has meant that I have learnt to be a Zone Therapist like him with an inner “gut” feeling for ailments and for working on the correct areas with the wooden probe for rapid results. 

I saw Joe several times more and learnt a lot from him. I told him I planned to do Zone Therapy whilst I studied law and he encouraged me. I then went on to learn Reflexology and became qualified in it but if I was to be honest, I never saw myself as a Reflexologist. I knew way more than what I was being taught at Reflexology school already. 

I had learnt Zone Therapy from the master of Zone Therapy Joe Corvo and the world's number 1 Zone Therapist. I know that he didn’t teach it to many people and I know that even if he did, they probably didn’t have the talent I had for Zone Therapy. He told me I would be great if I pursued it and he was so amazing and supportive. To this day, I have not met anyone as charismatic, kind, knowledgeable and confident as him at their art. He was world class; truly world-class and really and truly gifted. 

If Reflexology is so good...
The question most often asked is the same old one about if Reflexology (or any alternative medicine) is so good then how come doctors don't recommend it! Well, the answer is simple, because they would be out of business on many fronts! And let's not even get into the powerful Pharmaceutical industry. 
Doctors are great for diagnosis and for many acute conditions. But the majority of long-term problems with the body are NOT treated by doctors. They rarely treat the whole person or the cause of a problem. When was the last time your doctor asked you about your habits or nutrition?
Personally I am not against doctors. I rarely go to them but if I have to, I will. There are of course good doctors and bad doctors out there. The majority of conditions with the body can be helped from the feet or by accessing meridians in the body or by massage, herbs or changes to your diet and habits. 
If you suspect a medical condition, you should always go to your doctor first. Then you can decide what to do about it or whether you want to take the medication or not. Some people don't want to make life changes and prefer medication. Fair enough. Everyone is different and has different outlooks and priorities. 

What I can do for you
I have never forgotten the tricks and “method” Joseph Corvo taught me. In addition, I have been told by many other practitioners and clients that I have a gift for healing people. Even though I went on to study law and launch several businesses, I have always practised Zone Therapy in some form or another. I rarely if ever go to doctors. My first port of call for myself, family, friends and the few clients I see annually has always been the hands and feet. 

Use the Online Consultation tool on this website and let’s see if we can put the combination of Joesph Corvo’s secret method, my Reflexology training and 30 years of helping people to good use for you. Sometimes you need the simplest form of non-invasive treatment to help you get better. Healing very often starts with the feet and hands. 
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