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Case Histories

Alternative Health, Complimentary Medicine and Reflexology Case Histories 

Migraines GONE!

A mother brought her 14 year old daughter to me. She had been getting migraines for a few years. Really bad migraines! She was very wealthy and had tried everything. Every doctor she could find in her native Switzerland and pretty much every alternative method she could find.


At first I was slightly side-tracked by a major event in the daughter's life, which was the divorce of her parents. I really thought that was possibly the cause but in a way, it didn't all add up. These things are often the cause of great stress and trauma that may even lie dormant for years and rear its ugly head decades on. 


I ask a lot of questions. I am very inquisitive. I told the mum that I had to think about it. I had asked them about snacks, habits etc and nothing was really standing out. My goal is always to get people well and to really help them. I can't just take money and run. People need to trust me and sometimes it may take some time; some thinking time!


2 a.m. the next day, it hit me! I knew what it was!


The mum had mentioned that her daughter chews ice! I couldn't call her at 2 a.m. so I waited until the next day.

The most important question I needed the answer to was WHEN did she start chewing ice?

Surprise surprise, it was a few weeks before her migraines started.


She stopped chewing ice, her migraines went! Ice was causing some sort of mini brain-freeze if you will, contracting the arteries and somehow causing the migraines.


Isn't it amazing? All the doctors, all the specialists, all the alternative medicine people and no one looked at something which in hindsight was so obvious!


Another success! People say I am expensive. Really? She had spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to cure her daughter's migraines. She only saw me once followed by 1 phone call which I made to her!



Period Pain


This lady came to me with severe period pain. She was in her late twenties, no kids and otherwise healthy. Her period pains were extreme and she had tried several things to help. 

Her main concern was that they would come on very strong and be debilitating and unbearable. She wanted a “quick fix” as she described it and because I came highly recommended, she wanted her quick fix fast!

Also I may add that this lady was extremely wealthy and was used to getting what she wanted, although on this occasion, traditional medicine had not given her what she desired no matter how much money she had thrown at it. 

I don’t want to give you a long complicated rant about how I did so many amazing things to help her problem. In fact, I only did one thing and I only charged her once and showed her how to do it on herself. 

I showed her how to correctly do a Chinese burn on her wrist when she got her period pains. She said the pain went down 80% within less than 1 minute. 




Terrible Migraines


Another case of a lady that had been to many doctors to try and “cure” her terrible and debilitating migraines. When the migraines would hit her, she would be out for several days, affecting not only her life but that of the many people around her, including her son, whom she had to take care of. 

Now this particular case was many years ago and modern medicine had not moved on to the current anti-migraine remedies. Having said that, as it turned out, her problem was not in fact one that would have been remedied by pills and potions. 

What you may ask was the cause of her migraine? 

As I am a curious sort of person, I asked her many questions. It turned out that her migraines were directly linked to the death of her husband and some sort of psychosomatic issues which would be triggered by thoughts related to his untimely death at a young age. 

I spoke to her on several occasions but of course as talented as I like to think I am, I am no psychologist. I referred her to a more qualified mind person and she went to see him. 

Several weeks later she made an appointment to see me again. I was not sure what else I could do for her. 

She informed me that she found our chats more helpful than the psychologist and that my NLP Training (Neurolinguistic Programming) was much more useful to her. 

I also worked several times on her nerve Reflex points and within a few sessions, her migraines eased greatly and were reduced in their occurrence. She moved to Canada and I did not hear from her again. 





A young lady with a terrible case of eczema on various parts of her body including her face. Traditional medicine, oils and lotions had failed her. I worked on her adrenals to bring the inflammation down and this helped but I knew in my heart of hearts the the cause must be some food or something being ingested. 

Several questions did not give any obvious clues. However I had not given up and one final question gave me a big clue: Ketchup. 

We removed ketchup from her diet and her eczema disappeared. 

My method of dealing with health issues using Reflexology is not necessarily one that uses much Reflexology if I can find the cause elsewhere! 



Acne on the face


This beautiful young lady had terrible acne on her face. She had been to homeopaths, doctors, acupuncturists and herbalists. Not only had they not helped her case, but her acne had got progressively worse and worse over the years. It was sad to see as she was very attractive and very focused on her looks.

Of course as the person she was, she was putting more and more make up on her face to hide her acne.

You know where I am going with this, right?

Doctors had given her pills to no avail. 

Homeopaths had given her some homeopathic remedies but they had inflamed her skin even more. The Homeopath had told her it needs to get worse before it gets better. It got worse. Much worse and it didn’t get better. 

Acupuncture had not helped her at all. 

Herbs tasted disgusting and put her off. 


My gut told me that her problem stemmed from some sort of contact with something. Most likely make up! I asked many questions and I enquired about her hygiene regime. 


We started working on her liver, kidneys and intestines. She started to get better. Against her will and to much protestations, I told her to stop using all soap and make up. Not using make up for her was like not wearing clothes but she really wanted her acne gone and thankfully she trusted me. 


No make up and no harsh soaps for a mere 2 weeks combined with a proper detox which I did via her feet on her kidneys and especially liver point and her skin cleared. I repeat, her skin TOTALLY CLEARED!


Now, the choice was hers. Back to make-up and she may well have had the same problem return after a while. I had done my part. 



This gentleman initially did an online consultation with me to try and find out where his anxiety comes from. It was a strange case. He was very successful, very confident, very happy and there really was no reason for him to have anxiety.


Obviously when it comes to anxiety, you really need to be a detective with people and try and get to the root of the problem. You may get lucky and find a good counsellor or you may go in the endless merry-go-round of your local doctor, clinics, shrinks, groups, alternative medicine and so on. 


I always want success with the people who come to me. It is a matter of personal pride and I cannot have someone come to me and not sing my praises! 


His case was tough. We worked on all the normal points for anxiety on the feet. We spoke. We tried many traditional herbal, flower and complementary medicine routes. 


In the back of my mind, I had a gut feeling as to why he had anxiety but my gut feeling went against everything and everyone at the time. 


Want to know what my gut feeling said? It said his anxiety was caused by the Covid vaccine. Yes I can hear the gasps and “shock” from across your screen! There was absolutely no reason for this successful man to suddenly have so much anxiety, starting literally 1 day after the vaccine! 


Now, if my hunch was right, round about 8-9 months after the vaccine, his anxiety would go. Guess what? Around 9 months later, without him doing anything else, his anxiety completely disappeared. During that time we had a back-up solution in managing his anxiety.


The reason why I was almost CERTAIN it was the vaccine is that nothing indicated anything else. He had come to see me and I had checked his feet and nothing was amis within his body. The feet never lie. 


After 9 months, he had a choice. Have the second jab or not. He had been anxiety-free for a few weeks. He asked for my advice. Of course, I could not give him advice on this as it was too important a decision. I know what I would have (or not) done. 


I said he has to weigh the chances of possibly dying from Covid against the anxiety he was experiencing. Towards the end of the 9 months before it disappeared, he was sort of managing it with my help.


He decided to have the second jab. Astra Zeneca. 1 day, yes ONE day later, anxiety was back full on. 


Now I know what some of you may say. Maybe it was anxiety from having the vaccine etc. Maybe! (Doubtful!).


He was so upset with himself. He even blamed me a bit saying I should have insisted on him not having the second jab as he was back to square one. 


There was good news for him though. I told him that at least it will all be gone within 9 months. I will leave it to your imagination if he had the 3rd jab! 

Shoulder Injury


This man came to me having tried many other things. Funny how Reflexology is often the last port of call rather than the first. If only it was the other way round!


He was in his late forties. A year before, he was carrying his daughter on his shoulders in a park and someone knocked into him and he went flying. In trying to save his daughter, he severely damaged his shoulder. 


He went to the doctor, had the usual anti-inflammatories, steroid injection, physiotherapy, Reiki, massage etc One year later, he was no better. I was abroad at the time (in his country) and his wife begged me to see him. 


The problem with the shoulder is that because we use it so much, it can be difficult to fix it, hence why so many people have recurring issues or their issue takes years to go away. Sometimes it never goes away. 


Left shoulder, so I immediately went on the left foot. It was obvious within seconds what the problem was and how to fix it.


Now, you have to understand that in complimentary medicine, we don’t do specifics; as in what exactly is wrong with his shoulder. In actual fact, I personally don’t care much. If I can feel it on the relevant part of the foot, then I can fix it. Doesn't matter what the "terminology" is. Doctors with all their terminology had not fixed him anyway!


I worked on him and as I was rotating my probe on his shoulder point, I was pleasantly surprised to see he had a high pain threshold! So off I went trying to get rid of the problem a lot faster by applying more pressure. 


He left our first session having been open-minded when he arrived to being converted 100% when he left my villa. He said his shoulder felt more free and almost back to normal after 20 minutes of my probing his foot. He came back 1 more time before I left the country and I worked on him for another 30 minutes. Shoulder problem fixed. 


I gave him some maintenance work that he could do himself at home and his shoulder is still today as it was before the fall. 

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