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What is Reflexology?

Your body is mapped on your hands, feet and ears. Reflexology is the practice of accessing the various areas of your body through your Reflex points on your hands and feet. 

A skilled Reflexologist will be able to pinpoint where there is or could be trouble within your body by simply touching your hands and feet. They can also help alleviate any short or long term health issues by working on your various Reflex points. If you have kidney problems, they will massage the middle of your feet. If you have sinus issues, they will massage your toes. 

Much like many alternative and complimentary medicinal therapies, Reflexology does not claim to cure disease. It is an addition to your normal medical advice and treatment. A Reflexology session usually involves the Reflexologist taking a medical history and then proceeding to work on the various areas of your feet to try and trigger your own body to overcome whatever may be troubling you. Different Reflexologists believe in different ideas as to what exactly happens when your feet are worked on. Some say toxins are removed, others say electromagnetic fields are opened up. Whatever the exact reason or mechanism can be left to be debated. The fact is that millions of people worldwide swear by the effectiveness of Reflexology, from relaxing you all the way to overcoming chronic issues with the body. 

How to use this Reflexology/ Zone Therapy site

This website features the works of Parham Donyai, qualified Reflexologist of some 30 years experience. He is also a master practitioner of Reflex Zone Therapy and Zone Therapy. Parham was taught Zone Therapy by Joseph Corvo, the world renowned Zone Therapist to Princess Diana, actors, celebrities and the British Royal Family.

Parham was shown exactly how to do Zone Therapy by Joseph Corvo and Joe even helped sculpt Parham's wooden probe to be exactly like his - which was world-famous for treating hard-to-fix ailments of the rich and famous. 

Zone Therapy is a stronger version of Reflexology where by working on the body using a probe, results are often much more noticeable and speedy. Through this website you can book an online consultation or video or actual consultation with Parham, order his books or just read the many free health and wellness articles. 

If you have a health problem that has not been resolved, Parham will do his best to advise you on what are the best methods in terms of complimentary medicine to help you with it. This will include advice on the use of Reflexology, Zone Therapy as well as diet, nutrition, exercise, herbs and psychological aids to help you. 

A virtual Reflexology consultation involves you submitting all your symptoms online, making payment and then receiving a full plan for getting better. Part of this plan will be for you to work on specific areas of your feet at home. If you cannot do this yourself, you will need someone else to do it for you. It is all very simple and harmless although there will be tender areas on your feet and hands which need to be worked on and worked out to see benefits from your sessions. 

Joseph Corvo had a gift for healing. It has been said that Parham has a similar gift; a unique instinctive way of healing your health issues. 
Joseph Corvo, Modern Master

Parham Donyai was taught the secret method of Zone Therapy by the world's foremost modern Zone Therapist Joseph Corvo, Zone Therapist to celebrities and Royalty including Princess Diana. 

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