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Alternative Health Consultation

Fill in the below Complimentary medicine Online Consultation form

You can find a solution to your health problems via this section by being given a treatment plan custom written for you by Parham Donyai, qualified Zone Therapist, Reflexologist & Complimentary Medicine Practitioner with 30 years experience. Complete the questionnaire as detailed as you can and you will be emailed a full online treatment plan which will include which Reflexology points you should work on at home. Link to video instructions will also be emailed to you. Your health problem will be unique to you and Parham's unique method of holistic Reflex Zone Therapy will aim to address it. 
The cost is £199 for an online treatment plan using the form. This is the most popular plan. You pay what is really a small amount of what are Parham's normal fees for a physical consultation and you get very specific advice for your health condition much faster than a regular appointment which currently has a waiting list of several months. The above fee includes a detailed plan sent to you by email as a one time plan. Please ensue you have provided your correct email in the form below. If you require further consultation, you will need to book another consultation via this site. 
Please complete the detailed health questionnaire and press Submit button to be taken to the next page for your address and card details to make your payment, following which you will receive a detailed treatment plan within 48 hours.
Typical problems that Parham has dealt with successfully in the past are:
  • Skin disorders: Eczema, Psoriasis, dermatitis...
  • Intestinal issues
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Back, shoulder, spinal problems
  • Stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Tiredness, lack of motivation
  • Colds and flu
  • Most other general health conditions 
Remember, you need to be serious about getting well and make a commitment. Parham can show you the way, give you a detailed plan and help you but ultimately it is your body and you need to want to get well and be committed. 

Please note the following disclaimer and information:

1. Your online consultation will be with Parham Donyai, fully qualified Zone Therapist, Reflexologist and Complimentary Medicine Practitioner. This is NOT a medical consultation but a general complimentary medicine health & well-being consultation. Under no circumstances are you to stop seeing your doctor or stop/change the use of any medication or treatment you are currently taking/receiving.

2. If you have a medical condition or suspect one, please make sure you visit a qualified doctor immediately. No advice or treatment suggestions given on this website or via any communications from this website or Parham Donyai is intended to replace sound medical advice by your medical doctor. 

3. If you get any side effects as a result of anything you have read on this website or related sites/communication, you must stop what you are doing and visit a medical doctor. 

4. By pressing the Submit button above you are agreeing to the general terms and conditions of this site (available on request). This includes being given a suitable treatment suggestion plan (for which you are paying). Although Parham Donyai is always willing to help those in need, please bear in mind that his time is limited and normally chargeable at much higher rates and any additional advice and assistance will require further payment. If you would like an appointment with Parham Donyai, you can use the online booking section of this website. 

5. You agree that if you are happy with your suggested treatment plan and you see great results like the majority of others, that you will share your experiences and submit testimonials and photos for this website or related sites. 

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